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Danny Evanishen's 1996 Newsletter

Being the official organ of Ethnic Enterprises, Social Wing, and the Canadian Duck Club.

Box 234, Summerland, BC, Canada, V0H 1Z0, Phone (250) 494-3205 Fax (250) 494-3131 Email:


Composed by Danny Evanishen in March 1996 and posted soon after.

New Books

We have new books! We will have new books every year until we die. And we hope that won't be soon. Our flyer details the books and how to get them.

In lots of towns and cities, the books are available at your local book store, Ukrainian gift shop, pharmacy, flower shop, or even photo shop. Try those places first, and if they don't have the books, you can order them from us. But then, you'll have to pay postage. It is better for us though, because then we don't have to give the store a cut.

If your local store or library haven't heard of our books yet, tell them to get in touch with us and we'll give them a piece of the action. We want to sell as many books as possible, so that we can carry on collecting the stories. Preserve the heritage and have some fun, that's our motto!


I finally have a proper email address, which you will find above. The one I had in the last newsletter was via a local Bulletin Board Service, which folded quite unexpectedly one day. I dialled in to get my email, and there they were, gone! It was a disappointment, to say the least.

So now, this is a good address. Use it. Email is the only way to go. I love it! Don't like Post Office, and they don't like me.


If You Move

If you change your address, please let me know. I will even send you a stamp to cover the cost of letting me know.

This newsletter is being sent out at the bulk rate. (Which is why there is no personal message in each one. All the envelopes must be identical.) The bulk rate is cheap enough, 27 cents per item, but when they are returned to me because of a wrong address or whatever, I pay an additional 90 cents per each. That adds up to dollars in a big hurry.

Also, please note my new box number. It is 234.


New Telephone Area Code

BC is getting too many people, which means too many phones, which means too many phone numbers to be handled by one area code. So, as of October 19, 1996, my area code will be 250, not 604. Also, please note my change of phone number. I am now using 494-3205.



The big book launch this year is May 5, at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, in Saskatoon. Call them for details of times.

This summer I will be scattered all across Western Canada, just like I have been the past couple of years. I will be visiting as many of the Ukrainian and multicultural festivals as I can find, in places like Edmonton and Vegreville, Alta; Regina and Saskatoon, Sask; Dauphin, Winnipeg, and Gardenton, Manitoba.

Come see me at any of those places and tell me a story. And buy a book, of course!

In the fall, I will head for the West Coast, because it will still be warm there when it's cold on the Prairies. I'm a weather wuss.

In 1994 Dorene and I drove as far east as Newfoundland, selling books and collecting stories, and in 1995 we went to the Yukon. This year, we may venture into the US. We will see when the time comes. Keep in touch, and we may come visit you.



I still have the VW pickup, but it is too small for all the books I have to carry, so I have bought a 1972 Ford van, running on propane. I also hope to find a little motorbike for local travel. Go cheap if you can, I always say.