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Danny Evanishen's 1997 Newsletter

Being the official organ of Ethnic Enterprises, Social Wing, and the Canadian Duck Club.

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Composed by Danny Evanishen in March 1997 and posted soon after.

More New Books

Of course. That's what this is all about. This year I am publishing the fourth in the folk tale collection and the second in the funny stories about the old days.

Come and get 'em!

I Will Speak

If anyone needs a speaker for any kind of a function, or if there is a school that would like to hear about my projects, let me know. I am only too willing to share what I know. And the more noise I make, the better are the chances of me finding more people with stories.

I have spoken to many groups of all kinds, and have material ready to do anywhere from five minutes to three hours or more.


Begging for Money

I need money. Who doesn't? I did get one grant from the Shevchenko Foundation, which really helps. I have applied to the Canada Council lots of times, but still haven't been successful.

I was hoping that the sale of the books would finance the collections, but that isn't happening yet, and I'm running out of savings.

If anyone knows of any sources of funding, please let me know.



I think email is wonderful! It's inexpensive, fast, reliable and fun! Everybody should get onto it. Then I wouldn't have to spend a fortune on postage.

Speaking of postage, Canada Post is up to twenty pieces of mail lost for me since November 1992. I always thought one would be too many, but this is silly. They have also screwed up about as many Special Deliveries. I think they don't like me.

I have a new email address. Our local school had an Internet connection with ordinary people like me hooked up, but with the school district amalgamations, our school is no longer able to provide the service to civilians. Therefore, I have signed up with a commercial provider in Penticton. My new email address is above. Also, check out my Home Page, address also above.

Send me some electrons!


Keep in Touch

I need to keep my records straight. All too often, I send a newsletter and it is returned. Then I pay three times the amount to get it back. So let me know if your address has changed!

Also, please note my box number. It is 234. Some of you are still using the old one. Plus, note the new telephone area code. It is now 250.



The Ford van and the VW pickup are still happily on the road. I sold the Studebaker, so that chapter of my life is closed. When I get rich enough, I will get another one.