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Danny Evanishen's 1999 Newsletter

Being the official organ of Ethnic Enterprises, Social Wing, and the Canadian Duck Club.

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Composed by Danny Evanishen in March 1999 and posted soon after.

Still More New Books

This year I am publishing the sixth in the folk tale collection and a wonderful picture book.

I had been after Ralph Critchlow, a Summerland artist/pottist for three years, and he finally agreed to do the book. His daughter did the words, and he did the artwork. This is really a fun book, which we call Dream Star Stories. It's full of wonderful whimsical characters who spread dreams or dream things themselves.

We call it a book for dream lovers of all ages. There's no Ukrainian content, so I'm hoping the general public will twig to it. They will love it.


New (haha) Van

I have another van, a new-to-me, much newer than the old one. This one is a 1979 Chev. It's brown and rusty, so I figure nobody will break in. They'll think I have enough trouble already. The VW will sit and wait until Fall, and the Ford van is for sale.



Speaking of trouble, my VW was robbed in Vancouver in September. The thieves took about $3000 worth of stuff, none of it irreplaceable. I got lucky there, but sure didn't feel like it at the time. No fun.

They took things like sleeping bags, foamies, computer parts, beer, wine, no books. I'm not sure dolts like that can read. And silly stuff, like rubber stamps with my name and address on them. Are they going to send me hundreds of thank-yous?


Almost Rich

Ethnic Enterprises showed an "operating profit" this year of $21.20. That's pretty good, considering the years of losses. Now I may actually achieve my two financial goals. One is to pay Income Tax, which will mean that I'm actually making money, and the other is to reach the Official Poverty Level. I've been striving for years, but it was always too far out of reach. I may never make it.

The other thing that may happen if I start to make a living with the books, is that I might stop whining about the lack of support I have been getting from the official Ukrainian and Canadian heritage-preservation community. When ya got a buck, who needs their run-around?! Not me!



I still think email is the best way to go. Everybody should be on it. Then I wouldn't have to depend on the Post Office. To date, they have lost 32 pieces of mail for me. Plus they have screwed up 24 pieces of Insured and Express Post mail. I don't know how they do that. And why me?!

So get on the Net, and send me a message. I can get my email from anywhere in the world, so that is the best way to contact me.

If you've tried to send me a message and heard nothing, try again. Even computers aren't infallible. (Little joke there.)