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Danny Evanishen's 2001 Newsletter

Being the official organ of Ethnic Enterprises, Social Wing, and the Canadian Duck Club.

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Composed by Danny Evanishen in March 2001 and posted soon after.

Yet Even More Books

This year I published the eighth volume in the folk tale collection, entitled 'Feet on the Pillow.'

I also published a children's picture book titled 'A Cottage for Kip,' which was written and illustrated by the aunt of an ol' pal from Meadow Lake days, Clinton Weese, now living in Saskatoon.


Post Office/Email

Canada Post has now lost 43 pieces of mail for me. Plus they have screwed up 48 additional pieces of Insured and Express Post mail. Of course, they keep raising the cost of postage as the service deteriorates. Nice goin', eh? I even had some dealings with the Post Office Ombudsman, but it is pretty hard to legislate efficiency. They were not able to help at all.

So I say once again: If you are on the Net, send me an email message and let's get away from those guys. My email address is:



I don't know what's going on these days, but it has snowed more often here in Paradise than it ever has. There hasn't been much snow at any one time, but it's come a lot of different times. So I want to know this: Why on earth did I leave Saskatchewan in the first place?


Métis Festivals

In 2000 I took the book 'From the Gallows: the Lost Testimony of Louis Riel' on the road, to a couple of Métis festivals. That was a lot of fun. I linked up with the Gabriel Dumont Institute from Saskatoon and set up the book with their display. It was truly enjoyable and everybody had a good time.

The Métis festivals are very much like Ukrainian festivals, only the accent is a bit different. Some of the Métis were surprised to learn that Ukrainians go in for squabbling and fighting amongst themselves, just like most ethnic groups do.

Even the music at the festivals was similar &emdash; lots of fiddling around and dancing.


Harvest 2000

In September I went to Hafford to help a couple of cousins with their harvest. I had never even sat in a combine before, and suddenly, there I was, driving one.

I learned how to choke a combine with straw three different ways, and next year I hope to avoid the other two. As time went on, I could even unchoke the combine with no help at all.

I hope to get back there again this fall. Of course, it means I am away from home more, but that's the way it goes.

In 2000 I was on the road from early April to October, and then again for about a month in November-December. Good thing this is fun, or I wouldn't do it!


Festivals 2001

The Feet on the Pillow book launch is 2pm May 6, at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada in Saskatoon. Call them for details.

We will be doing a book signing for the Kip book May 5 at the McNally Robinson book store in Saskatoon. Y'all come on down and join us!

I will be all over Western Canada this year, like usual. I intend to be at festivals in Burnaby, Calgary and Vegreville; Saskatoon, Regina, Batoche, Prince Albert, Dauphin, Winnipeg and Gardenton, Manitoba. Once again, Gardenton is my favorite. The chicken they serve there is to die for!

In fall, I will go to Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, to the craft fairs, bazaars and Ukrainian suppers, plus whatever else I can find in the area.

Check out my Festival Schedule for complete details of where I will be going.

Come tell me a story!

I also like to speak to gatherings of any description, be they schools, conventions, service clubs, whatever. My message is:

Let's preserve the heritage and have some fun!


Ethnic Website

Ethnic Enterprises now has updated its Website, like we do every year. Check it out and see what I am up to and where I expect to be going.

This site is to help me sell the books, so look at it and then buy a book. Here's the address: