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Danny Evanishen's 2002 Newsletter

Being the official organ of Ethnic Enterprises, Social Wing, and the Canadian Duck Club.

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Composed by Danny Evanishen in April 2002 and posted soon after.

New Books

This year I published the ninth volume in the folk tales collection, entitled Yalynka. This collection is still a lot of fun.

I also published an aerial adventure novel written by a friend from Meadow Lake days, Dave Williams, now living in Revelstoke, BC. Dave knows flying, and he has done a fine job with this story.


Post Office/Email

Canada Post has finally hit a milestone, and I don't know which I should send them, a letter of congratulations or a cow pie. They have now managed to lose, damage or otherwise screw up 100 pieces of mail.

So I say once again: If you are on the Net, send me an email message and let's get away from those guys. My email address is:


Ethnic Web Site

Ethnic Enterprises has updated its Website, like we do every year. Check it out and see what I am up to and where I expect to be going.

This site is to help me sell the books, so look at it and then buy a book. Here's the address:


Duck Club Web Site

"Web" Site. Get it? Tee hee! But it is for real. To have a look at it, go to the Ethnic Web Site, then to Links. Please send me some suggestions for improvements; when it comes to ducks, I need a lot of help.



At the end of September 2001, a friend from New Zealand and I drove from Vancouver, BC to Indianapolis, Indiana, for a Formula One car race. It was an interesting experience, coming so soon after the disaster of September 11.

Don and I had no trouble entering the US, and even got a smile from the border guard when we said we were driving halfway across the continent for a car race. He must like cars himself.

The race itself was great, and we had a good time camping and driving and visiting along the way. I managed to make some excellent contacts for the festival and book sales scene.

As for the aftermath of September 11, we could tell the Americans were angry. One fence in Indy had a four-foot high silver sign that said, "Kill 'em!"


2001 Short Season

The 2001 travel season went from late April to late August, plus one month on the Coast in November/December. That is considerably less time away from home than the seven months I was on the road last year.

Of course, when I got home, I didn't do any more than I ever do, but somehow everything that had to get done has been done.


Festivals 2002

I will be all over Western Canada this year, like usual. I intend to be at functions in Burnaby, Calgary, Vegreville, Saskatoon, Regina, Foam Lake, Batoche, Meadow Lake, Prince Albert, Dauphin, Winnipeg and Gardenton. Again, Gardenton is my favorite. It's a small, quiet, fun and very friendly festival. Great chicken, too!

This year I plan to go to the Ukrainian Festival in Dickenson, North Dakota, as well.

In fall, I will go to Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and Salt Spring Island, to the craft fairs, bazaars and Ukrainian suppers, plus whatever else I can find.

Check out the Ethnic Web Site for my Festival Schedule.

Come tell me a story!

I also like to speak to gatherings of any description, be they schools, conventions, service clubs, whatever. My message is:

Let's preserve the heritage and have some fun!