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Danny Evanishen's 2003 Newsletter

Being the official organ of Ethnic Enterprises, Social Wing, and the Canadian Duck Club.

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Composed by Danny Evanishen in March2003 and posted soon after.

Yet Even More Books

This year we published the tenth volume in the folk tale collection, entitled Durak. We expect the title alone will sell the book; it means "fool, dolt, idiot."

We also published a wonderful picture book titled The Magic Dust, which was written and illustrated by Taras Oleksiw, an old school (Nutana) and Ukrainian student residence (Mohyla) pal.

It took almost eleven years to put this book together, but it's really worth the wait. Taras' pictures are beautiful, just beautiful. A great piece of work.


Post Office/Email

Canada Post lost or screwed up only eight pieces of mail for us this last year, for a total of 108. Why do I keep talking about this? It must be boring by now. But I guess I kind of hope that someone will get me some answers one of these days.

So I say once again: If you are on the Net, send me an email message and let's get away from those guys. My email address is:


Ethnic Web Site

Ethnic Enterprises has updated its Website, like we do every year. Check it out and see what I am up to and where I expect to be going.

This site is to help me sell the books, so look at it and then buy a book. Here's the address:


Thoughts and Pots

This year I will be sharing a table at some of the festivals with Jean Healey, who is an excellent potter from Keremeos, BC. We met at the Ukrainian club in Penticton several years ago, and finally decided to pool our respective Ukrainian talents.

Jean is of Ukrainian descent, from Edmonton, and she is currently designing various works of clay art inspired by the Trypilian pottery that has been discovered in Ukraine.

The Trypilian culture was discovered only at the end of the 1800s, so not a great deal is known about it yet. But the pottery designs that have survived are incredibly gorgeous.

Come down to see us at the festivals and buy a book and some pottery.


Travel Plans

This year we hope to make it as far as Newfoundland with the Thoughts and Pots Tour, but ya never know. There are festivals in Montreal and Ontario we might get to. Hope it works out.

There are lots of Ukrainians Down East, and it's about time we re-established contact.



Festivals 2003

The new books will be launched at 7:30pm on Monday, May 12, at McNally Robinson book store in Saskatoon. Call them for details. (306) 955-3599.

We hope to do a book signing or launch for the Dust book in Waterloo, Ontario, where Taras now lives, but have not finalized details. Keep an eye on our Web Site for information.

We will be all over Westrn Canada this year, like usual, at festivals in Burnaby, Vegreville, Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Dauphin, Winnipeg and Gardenton, Manitoba. Once again, Gardenton is my favorite.

If all works well, we will also be at the Ukrainian Festival in Dickinson, North Dakota. I was there last year, and enjoyed it tremendously. Their food is nothing short of excellent!

In fall, we will likely go to Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, to the craft fairs, bazaars and Ukrainian suppers, plus whatever else we can find in the area.

Come tell us a story!

I also like to speak to gatherings of any description, be they schools, conventions, service clubs, whatever. My message is:

Let's preserve the heritage and have some fun!