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The 2003 Hawrysh Reunion was a great success. The object of the exercise was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ivan Hawrysh's arrival in Canada, and the 110th anniversary of the arrival of his wife, Efymia (Kinash) Hawrysh.

There were something like 120 people at the reunion, and we all had a great time. There was a huge tent set up in Andy and Janet's yard, and people camping all around.

We staged all the events we had planned, along with lots of excellent food. The bread baked in the outdoor pich was especially good.

Yvonne, Donna and Morris Hawrysh made a family tree, which was displayed on a 66-foot billboard This was an amazing thing, and it drew a lot of attention.

If anyone has anything to add to this page, please let Danny Evanishen know at danny@ethnic.bc.ca.


Following is the letter we sent out to invite people to the reunion:

Dear Hawryshi, Relatives and friends,

This letter is to inform (warn?) you of an impending Family Reunion to celebrate the 100th anniversary of when Dido Ivan Hawrysh came to Canada. Dido came to Canada in 1903, so the party is going to be held in 2003, on July 25, 26 and 27 at Dido's farm, now operated by Andy and Janet Hawrysh, near Hafford, Sask.

We have now finalized some of the details. Like, we want your money, mainly to make sure that you come, and also so that we know how many people to prepare for.

Here's a rough schedule of events:

-Friday July 25: Everyone shows up, we visit, we party. Wiener roast or wine and cheese or some such foolishness.

-Saturday July 26: 11 am catered brunch. Afternoon: moleben, speeches (all short), skits (prepare whatever you think is fun). Catered supper. Evening: barn dance.

-Sunday July 27: 12 noon catered brunch. Take down the tent. We all go away and let Andy and Janet clean up our mess.

That's all we have planned. We want to leave lots of time for visiting and just plain fooling around.

It will cost, for the weekend, $30 per adult, $15 for age 12 and under, $00 for preschoolers. If you just want to come for Saturday, which will include two catered meals, it will cost $20 per adult, $10 for age 12 and under, and $00 for preschoolers.

This money covers the tent, the catered meals, the portable toilet, tables, chairs, ice, name tags, stuff like that.

Events might include a ball game, a display of family artifacts, helium balloons, and perhaps a stooking contest. Bring gloves. We will also have maps of the historical sites in the area, so you can do a tour.

Bring whatever story about your family you want to put in the book. Get it ready ahead of time. Do it now! And fotos of your family. We will need them for the book, too. At the reunion we will collect money from those who want a book, which will include the reunion itself, and will be sent to you when I get it done.

Also bring: whatever family memorabilia you want to put on display, any videos you think we might like to see, mosquito repellent (remember those things?), ball gloves, sun screen, umbrellas, beer, wine, whatever.

If you intend to camp out, there is no problem. We will have lots of room to park tents, campers, motor homes. There will even be some electricity available. Water may be in short supply, so don't expect to wash clothes. If it comes to it, showers are available at Redberry Lake.

If you need a motel or bed and breakfast place, there is accommodation available in Hafford, Radisson, Borden, North Battleford and Blaine Lake.

If you need more information, contact me or Andy and Janet.

This letter is going out to all members of the Hawrysh family and immediate relatives that we have addresses for. Please check with all members of your family, and if we missed anybody, let them know what's happening. Also, if you know of anyone else who might like to come along, they are welcome, too. We like a big party.

If you cannot come, please send us some information on your family, so we can include everyone in the book.

Send money BY MAY FIRST, 2003 to:

Andy & Janet Hawrysh, Box 237, Borden, SK, S0K 0N0, (306) 549-4818.


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