Ethnic Enterprises

Dream Star Stories

Here are samples of the stories and pictures that fill this wonderful, whimsical book. Follow our various characters as they spread dreams or dream the dreams themselves: The Dream Star Man, The Star-Struck Pelican, Chester and the Dream Star, Flora and her Dream, Moozie the Cow, The Dream Dragon, Lovely Laura Livingstone, Cato and his Dream, the Tails and their tale and the Whizzing Wizards.

The words for this book were done by Traci-Jo Critchlow, and the art is by Ralph Critchlow. A package of ten posters is included free with this book.

In days long ago Dream Stars were found in fields and on hills lying among the long grass and wild flowers. Boys and girls would lie on the Dream Stars and have marvelous, many-coloured, magical dreams.

Then, one day, it began to rain. It rained so hard that all the Dream Stars floated up into the sky to get out of the water. And there they stayed. The children had no more magical dreams.

A short while after this, the Dream Star Man wandered into town. The children heard his song as he came:

Oh, I am the Dream Man; I gather the stars
      for children on Jupiter, Venus and Mars.
And if you can't find them, I and my tree
      will gather up Dream Stars for children to see.
For there are plenty of dreams up in the hills,
      and down in the valley by trickling rills.
I with my Dream Tree will all of them sweep
      to sprinkle on children in bed and asleep.

The children ran to tell him the Dream Stars had gone.

Don t worry, said the wandering Dream Star Man, I know just how to bring back your dreams.

With his weird tree he gathered magical Dream Stars from the sky and hung them on its branches. Then he shook his tree in every child's room so that the magical Dream Stars drifted all over.

That night the children once more had marvelous, many-coloured, magical dreams. And to this day the Dream Star Man gathers the Dream Stars from the sky so that children may dream as they sleep.