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Danny Evanishen's 2004 Newsletter

Being the official organ of Ethnic Enterprises, Social Wing, and the Canadian Duck Club.

Box 234, Summerland, BC, Canada, V0H 1Z0, Phone (250) 494-3205


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Composed by Danny Evanishen in May 2004 and posted soon after.

New Book and Game

In 2004 we published a translation of a Ukrainian Arctic explorer's book, titled "14 Months on Franz Joseph Land" and a great old Ukrainian board game called "Sheep and Wolves." For details, check out the Ethnic Web Site.


In the Works

Volume Eleven in the folk tales series is almost ready to publish, which will happen at some point in the future. It is tentatively called "The Crystal Mountain," and it is a continuation of the series which started with "The Raspberry Hut."


We are also working on an interactive CD based on a production created by Dave Williams of Revelstoke, BC. It is tentatively titled "Boys Should Live So Long." No release date has been set for this project, either.


Ethnic Web Site

Ethnic Enterprises has updated its Web Site, like we do every year. Check it out and see what I am up to and where I expect to be going.

This site is to help me sell the books, so look at it and then buy a book. Here's the address:


Thoughts and Pots

Jean Healey, who is a potter from Keremeos, BC, and I attended all the festivals we could find in 2003. We had a great time. We used a small travel trailer, which we towed behind my van. It's a nice little house.

Jean is of Ukrainian descent, from Edmonton, and she is currently designing various works of clay art inspired by the Trypilian pottery that has been discovered in Ukraine.

The Trypilian culture was discovered only at the end of the 1800s, so not a great deal is known about it yet. But the pottery designs that have survived are incredibly gorgeous.

In 2004 we will be going to a few festivals. Check out My Festival Schedule for details.

Come down to see us at the festivals and buy a book and some pottery.


Duck Club

The Canadian Duck Club page has been updated a bit. I am still looking for more suggestions, though!


Jean and I are getting married in August, and have bought a house in Summerland, so I got a (shudder) job to help pay for it all. Being one to always overdo things, I got two (2) jobs. Plus, I am shaving regularly, as you can tell by the picture of me on my Home Page.

Most often, when I tell friends of all these changes, their reaction is: "What? You're shaving?" That tells you what kind of friends I have, too!

I am working at a call center in Penticton which provides telephone directory assistance for several big phone companies in the USA. I sit at a computer with a headset and I say, "City and listings, please?" Then I find the phone numbers the customers want, if I can. I actually enjoy the job - every call is its own special challenge.

My other job is at Thornhaven Estates Winery in Summerland. There I serve wine and tend the shop on Saturdays and Sundays. On other days, as required, I do some pruning and fixing and whatever else is needed. Winemaking is an extremely complicated process, and I am pleased to be introduced to the industry. It's not like you just grow a grape and squeeze it into a bottle!