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Danny Evanishen's 2005 Newsletter

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Composed by Danny Evanishen in December 2005 and posted soon after.

2005 A Good Year

We had a good year these past twelve months. Christmas of 2004 was spent at home in Summerland with family and friends visiting and spending time. Read on for details of our 2005.



Winter meant some snow and cold, but not enough to force a move to warmer climates. As a matter of fact, Danny actually got some cross-country skis, and Jean taught him how to enjoy that horrible white stuff. (Guess who is writing this!) There are some great areas to ski, and they're close enough to enjoy a day and then get home to the hot tub before the frost gets into one's middle section.

Other sporting news includes the weekly badminton outing on Wednesdays, with a debriefing at the local Legion afterward. This is an enjoyable evening every time. Good people.

Jean is bowling in a Summerland league, and having fun at that. She bowled well enough to be placed on a seniors' team competing in Duncan, BC, but was unable to attend due to other commitments.


Health Good

Health concerns are minor, and amount to no more than a bit of a cold and the occasional joint aches. As age increases, so do the noises one hears on stretching in the morning. Things are still good in this respect though, not like Auntie Stella, who once said, "I wake up in the morning, and if nothing hurts, I wonder if I'm already dead!"



Fishing remained a favorite occupation, with the acquisition of a folding boat, complete with electric motor. And, just like in previous years, Jean caught all the fish. Danny did come closer, though, with one bite and one other tug on the line which could've been a possible bite. So far, the favorite spot is Agur Lake, a small lake about half an hour from Summerland. This lake is calm and pretty and semi-secluded, and not a lot of people seem to go there during our midweek trips, so we're happy. During one trip, while we were floating around on the lake, a herd of wild horses came thundering down to splash and drink. Not often one gets to see that!



Trips included a ski trip to Whistler, a few visits to Jean's sister and mother in Chilliwack, a trip to Vancouver Island to see Jean's son and grandchildren, the occasional trip to Kelowna for a movie or shopping and a few trips into the bush to get rocks for Jean's landscaping projects. The yard and garden look great!

In June we went to Saskatchewan to bury Danny's best old buddy, Ed Hamm. It was a sad reason for a good trip. We also cleaned out our travel trailer, which cousin Andy Hawrysh sold for us. It had been stored on his farm near Hafford. Now we're on the lookout for a travel van. In August we went to Danny's niece's wedding in Hafford, Saskatchewan, and Jean's family reunion near Lacombe, Alberta. It's always good to connect with family both in large and small large numbers, and we enjoyed ourselves at both events.

In November we drove to California, touring through Washington and Oregon to get there. We visited family and friends along the way and did a lot of great touristy things, like visiting the High Desert Museum and the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Oregon, the Redwood Forest in California and the Maryhill Museum in Washington. We went down Highway 97, and returned via the Oregon Coast. We had fabulous warm weather and sunshine the whole time. Lucky or what! There were a few casinos along the way, too. We claim not to know much about them!! More trips are anticipated, as there is still so much to see and do in this world!



Xeriscaping, which is gardening with little water, using local plants, is the next step in the evolution of our yard. Danny doesn't really love mowing the lawn, so we'll be reducing the area. This can all be done in an attractive manner.


Pottery Studio

Jean finally had her pottery studio built and opened this year. It's a delightful retreat for the master potter in the family. Jean's Trypillian designs are very beautiful and very popular. At present she is working on cremation urns. This is an interesting and a challenging project.



Our "Thoughts and Pots" tour went to one Ukrainian dance festival in 2005, in Mission, BC, near Vancouver. As usual this was a good festival and we enjoyed meeting with old friends and customers. Jean sold some pots and Danny sold some books. When the economy picks up a bit, we hope to get back on the Prairie festival circuit. Only time will tell us about that.


Danny's (shudder) Jobs

Danny worked in the wine shop at Thornhaven Estates Winery in Summerland from May to October, and still does part-time on-call work for the call center in Penticton. Both jobs are a lot of fun and worthwhile pastimes. Plus, they actually pay money for work done!


New Books In the Works

In 2005 we did further work on some books for other people. For example, we helped out on a book for a writer in Germany. When his book is finished, we will have more details on it.

Some refining was done on Volume Eleven in the folk tales series, which will be published at some point in the future. It is tentatively called "The Crystal Mountain," and it is a continuation of the series which started with "The Raspberry Hut."

We are also still working on an interactive CD based on a production created by Dave Williams of Revelstoke, BC, the author of "The Khaki Angel.". It is tentatively titled "Boys Should Live So Long." No release date has been set for this project, either, but it will be a great production when finished.

We reprinted "From the Gallows," a book which was almost sold out. We now have lots of them again!

For details on all our books, check out the Ethnic Web Site.



Duck Club

The Canadian Duck Club page has been updated a bit. I am still looking for more suggestions, though!