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and Other Ukrainian Folk Tales Retold in English

There are thousands of Ukrainian folk tales, and they vary from the long and deadly serious to the lighthearted shorter ones, with everything between. This sample story is a shorter one from Durak and Other Ukrainian Folk Tales Retold in English.

Why Dogs Chase Rabbits

One day a dog left his home and went out into the wide world to get a job. He worked long and hard and finally took his wages and bought a lovely new pair of boots.

On his way home he met up with a rabbit who said, ³Those are beautiful boots, indeed. May I try them on, please?²

The dog was so proud of the boots that he agreed, and he sat down to take them off. The rabbit sat down next to the dog, pulled on the boots, and admired himself. Suddenly he jumped up and ran away.

And that is why dogs still chase rabbits. They are trying to get their boots back.