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Ukrainian Stories

H1. Vuiko Yurko The First Generation


A collection of hilarious short stories about Vuiko Yurko, or Uncle George, written in English, which proves that the pioneer days had some fun to go along with the heartaches and hard work. This book provides countless moments of real humor. Who knows - you may even recognize someone you know doing something you remember.

Written by Danny Evanishen.

136 pages, 5 1/2; x 8 1/2; inches, soft cover, perfect-bound, illustrated
with line drawings and photographs.
ISBN 978-0-9697748-0-8
$9.95 CAD   [order]

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H2. Vuiko Yurko Second-Hand Stories


The further adventures of Vuiko Yurko, or Uncle George. All the stories are new, original and funny, and are based on quite a variety of peoples' reminiscences and anecdotes about the old days. These stories never got into the history books, but they are important, nevertheless.

Written by Danny Evanishen

136 pages, 5 1/2; x 8 1/2; inches, soft cover, perfect-bound, photographs.
ISBN 978-0-9697748-8-4
$9.95 CAD   [order]

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B10. The Magic Dust


Winner of the 2004 "Our Choice Award" from the Canadian Children's Book Centre.

The Magic Dust is a magic book. It tells a rare and beautiful Ukrainian folk tale which teaches us all a valuable lesson.

Retold in English, the story is simply presented, as is the tradition in folk tales. All ages will enjoy this work.

The illustrations are breath-taking. They fit the story perfectly. This book is a work of art in all respects, and will be a welcome addition to the library of any home.

Written and illustrated by Taras Joseph Oleksiw

32 pages, 11 X 8 1/2 inches, soft cover,
saddle-stitched, illustrated
ISBN 978-0-9681596-9-9
$9.95 CAD   [order]

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B1. Kharkiv

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A woman's story of survival.

Kharkiv is a Ukrainian city that suffered terribly, not only under Stalin, but also during the Nazi occupation in World War II. The story is about Katrusia, a young woman who is caught up in the desperate struggle for survival. This volume is the first-ever English-language translation of this novel.

Written by Olena Zvychaina
Translated from Ukrainian by J. Zurowsky
Edited by Danny Evanishen
Illustrations by Dorene Fehr

112 pages, 5 1/2; x 8 1/2; inches, soft cover, perfect-bound, illustrations.
ISBN 978-0-9697748-6-0
$4.95 CAD   [order]

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B2. Baba the Cook

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More than just an assortment of recipes, this book is a tribute to the life of a truly beautiful person. Natalka Evanishen, also known as Natalie, or just plain Nat, was a real friend to everyone.

This book is a collection of her favorite recipes, along with little stories of where, when and from whom she got the recipes. The book also contains photographs of Natalka through her life, as well as pictures of the people who gave her the recipes.

Written by Natalka Evanishen
Assisted by Danny Evanishen

168 pages, 5 1/2; x 8 1/2; inches, soft cover, spiral-bound, photographs.
ISBN 978-0-9697748-9-1
$9.95 CAD   [order]

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B3. I Can't Find the Words to Tell You

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This charming trilingual (English, Ukrainian, French) picture book tells the simple little story of how Bill Kostiuk came to Canada in 1898 with his parents when he was four years old. Bill's daughter Anne Everatt, who is an accomplished artist, retells his story and illustrates it with lovely cloth collages. The book is printed on special textured paper to simulate cloth.

Written in English and illustrated by Anne Everatt
Ukrainian translation by John W Evanishen
French translation by Melesia Kasha

24 pages, 8 1/2; x 11 inches, full color, soft cover, saddle-stitched.
ISBN 978-0-9697748-4-6
$9.95 CAD   [order]

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B11. 14 Months on Franz Joseph Land

Book Cover


14 Months on Franz Joseph Land is a personal account of Arctic exploration written in 1934 by Mykhailo Ivanychuk, a brilliant Ukrainian scientist. Ivanychuk was first lionized by the USSR, then murdered by the regime.

This is the first of Ivanychuk's works to be translated into English. The translator has included the story of his tragic life, with notes on the brutal treatment of ethnic Ukrainians by the Soviets.

Written by Mykhailo Ivanychuk
Translated by Gloria Atamanenko

216 pages, 51/2 X 81/2 inches, soft cover, perfect-bound, illustrated with photographs
ISBN 978-0-9732428-1-2
$9.95 CAD   [order]

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B12. The Game of "Sheep and Wolves"   (6+ yrs)

Game Pieces


Sheep and Wolves is an ancient Ukrainian board game for two players or teams, aged six years to ninety-six. This game is not widely known today, but it is certainly deserving of a revival. While the game may appear to be simple, the strategies involved can require as much thought as a game of chess.

Contents: game board, playing pieces to be cut out and folded, rules, and a brief history of the game.
$4.67 CAD   [order]

B15. Surviving Lienz

Book Cover


Surviving Lienz tells a little-known story of treachery, deceit and the brutal murder of Ukrainian Cossacks and their families shortly after World War II. These incidents were perpetrated by those who called themselves the friends of the Cossacks: the British Army. Surviving Lienz contains a first-hand account of one manís travels through this deplorable segment of mankindís history, as well as photographs and explanatory notes that clarify this tragedy.

Written by: Anton Schleha

61 pages, 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 inches, soft cover, saddle-stitched, illustrated with photos
ISBN 978-3-900773-82-3
$9.95 CAD   [order]

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